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Arachnid Affiliate Scheme

Arachnid Web Hosting offers an affiliate scheme that is completely free of charge and a great way to make more money from your website. We provide a simple text link, which has two distinct advantages over links offered by many other affiliate schemes:

  • The simple design is guaranteed to suit your website's layout and style; and
  • Our understated link won't undermine your own brand and promotions.

When visitors to your website click on this link our site opens in a separate window so they won’t be redirected away from your site, which we believe is another great benefit of our affiliate scheme.

We track sales generated from your site by using Cookies - a technology now widely accepted by computer users. Through this system we can tell when a customer places an order with us that they came from your site.

And as soon as an order is placed we immediately credit your account with 25% commission for web hosting and 10% commission for domain names for that sale's total order value.

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain as joining the scheme is free and it only takes a minute!

The Arachnid Affiliate scheme includes:

  • 25% on all hosting sales and 10% commission on all domain registrations;
  • 10% on all repeat hosting custom in year 2;
  • HTML code ready paste into your site;
  • Access to real time on-line reports in our Partners Area;
  • High conversion rate and cookies lasting for 1 year;
  • No minimum restrictions regarding payout; and
  • Complete control over when and how your payments are made.

To begin earning straightaway simply copy and paste the code below into your website:

<A HREF= target ="_blank">Any text you choose here i.e. Competitive Web Hosting</A>

and email us the following information:

  • Your company/organisation name;
  • Your contact details; and
  • Your preferred method of payment (please do not send specific account details at this stage.)

which we use to set up your affiliate account and assign you an individual identity code.

Becoming a member of our affiliate scheme also entitles you to a 25% discount on your own hosting requirements, which means you can lower your running costs while increasing your earnings.

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