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The Domain Name Game

It's a simple fact of life that every business hates losing customers. But in an increasingly competitive marketplace it's often an inevitable one too. We might have performed flawlessly for our customer, often going above and beyond the call of duty, only to find they're moving their business to someone who's agreed to meet their requirements for next to nothing.

Faced with this situation the service provider can either facilitate their customer's departure in a regretful, but graceful manner or do everything in their power to make it so hard for the customer to cancel their services doing so becomes near enough impossible. The latter tactic seems increasingly common when it comes to customers who want to transfer their domains to another hosting company.

From non-responsive customer services, to illogical and mazelike cancellation procedures through to penalty fees and administrative charges in excess of �100, we've seen some pretty diabolical things. Although we'd like to say these sour practices are limited to newer, less ethical companies the truth is some of the more established, and respected, organisations have been known to make domain transfers a nightmare for their soon to be ex-customers.

At Arachnid we're no keener to lose customers than anyone else, but we do recognise it happens. So when you transfer or buy a domain with us we automatically give you the power to manage it so you can change the IPSTAG or the name servers if you choose to source the services we offer elsewhere. Obviously if you need our help to manage the domain we'll give it willingly. As we said we'd be sorry to lose any of our customers, but we'd rather they left us with a high opinion of our service than with a bitter taste in their mouths.

If you're having difficulty transferring your domain name from your current provider, Nominet can help. The organisation is the world's 4th largest Internet Registry. They do charge about �10 for the service, but considering the charges you might find yourself facing, it's a negligible amount. Furthermore Nominet is quick and they can bring enough influence to bear on your service provider to make sure the transfer happens.

So if your current provider's making things difficult for you then check out Nominet's domain transfers section. And if you want to receive a trouble free service then transfer your domain to Arachnid Web Hosting.

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