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Latest Tips To Boost Your Google PR

Following up from our earlier article about how you can boost your Google Page Ranking (PR), we wanted to share the latest tips we've discovered about what Google seems to like at the moment.

Of course we can't guarantee these tips will catapult you to the top of Page 1 on Google (undoubtedly the Holy Grail of the information age) because the Search Engine giant has openly stated that there is a human factor involved in where your site appears on search results.

However the following tips have been tried and tested, and thus far they seem to benefit those who implement them:

1) Choosing a domain name which contains key-words: You might already have one or more domain names registered, but as new .com's and's are relatively cheap you might want to consider registering some more. If so, then the current advice is to register one which contains full key-words relevant to your site i.e. You can point the domain to your existing website quickly and easily, while continuing to use a domain name, which might be easier for customers to remember i.e.

2) If possible register .com and We've said it before, but it's worth saying again. Registering .com and not only protects your brand while giving it an international feel, but also helps with your Google PR more so than just registering one or the other.

3) Fresh content is key: Google loves plenty of fresh content. It means your site is being constantly updated and therefore is of general interest. According to one Search Engine Optimisation expert we work with 2 updates a day totaling 500 words is the optimum target to achieve. Of course, you want to make sure your content is relevant to your website i.e. articles about gardening.

Hopefully these tips will help you reach a higher position on the search results most relevant to your website. But as always we are all at the mercy of the great Google.

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