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Why Changing Your Hosting Provider Shouldn’t Hurt

It's always tempting to look at your existing IT services and think "if they’re not broke, why fix them?" After all with everything else to worry about you can do without the hassle of changing something that does the job it’s meant to…

But the risk of thinking like that could mean you're missing out. The rates you're paying might not be as competitive as they were when you first signed up to your current provider; you could be losing out on great features like online shopping carts/e-commerce solutions that come as standard with a lot of packages; or you might even be paying for more than you need. Either way not things you want to happen!

More importantly though it's your new hosting provider's job to take away the pain of moving to a company that's going to giving you a better deal. So don't do yourself a disservice by not calling on ours.

We can't speak for everyone, but the simple 5 step process we follow at Arachnid shows why changing your hosting provider shouldn't hurt:

1) We create a new hosting account for you. This includes setting up a new FTP account(s).

2) We duplicate your website files and data, and transfer them straight into your new hosting account.

3) If there are any new features you want added to your site then we get to work on them straightaway. We'll send you a link so you can monitor the progress we're making and check it's exactly what you want. The link we send is accessible through the internet, but it's not public so your site users/customers won't see the work we're doing. After all if you're selling a house you want buyers to see the finished article not a building site.

4) Once you're happy we redirect your domain name to point at the new site. This happens in real time, which means your site doesn't go down and your customers only see any new features you've added - not the changes as they're being made.

5) If you want to transfer your domain name to us, then we can do that as well. Again there's no disruption to service. As far as you're concerned it simply happens and your customers won't even know it's happened.

When we send our invoice you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much more you've got for less. Wouldn't you prefer the potential savings to be in your pocket not your hosting provider's?

Note: To switch hosting providers all you need are the user name and password details for your website and domain name (i.e. your web address). Your provider should have e-mailed them to you when you first signed up. But if you've lost them you can easily retrieve them from your provider by contacting them directly.

And that's all there is to it. It could take minutes and you could save a small fortune year on year.

For a competitive service that could boost your online presence from a provider that's committed to looking after you contact Arachnid Web Hosting.

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